Sweet Tooth Dessert Subscription Box

To all my Sweet Tooth King and Queens out there that loves a great tasting and gorgeous looking dessert. You’re going to want to keep reading to find out more about what Pastry Chef Sabrina Courtemanche has stirred up right in the heart of Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. Chef Sabrina also known as Winner of Netflix Sugar Rush Christmas “Christmas Spirit” and the executive pastry chef at the Fort Lauderdale Riverside Hotel has curated a subscription dessert box. Yes, a subscription and its monthly.

As subscribers you get a monthly dessert box of one of her creations every Saturday of the month that’s valued over $50 but you get an exclusive rate of $36. She shares the weekly dessert on Wednesdays to allow members to place additional orders with the membership rates of $9 each in case you want to buy them for family or friends. Trust me you want them to get their own because after your first bite you are not going to want to share. Check out the first dessert box for a funny story. To give add more to your weekly treat, every week members will receive a special promo to one of Riversides restaurant collections such as Wild Sea Las Olas or Boat House Riverside.

How to become a Sweet Tooth Dessert Box Subscriber.

Email Chef Sabrina at scourtemanche@riversidehotel.com

Choco – Nut

A dark chocolate shell shaped as a Coconut Shell. Coconut Mousse is used as the Coconut Meat. Then filled with Pina Coloda Cremeux and Pineapple Salsa.

You definitely will experience a blend of flavors and textures. Just imagine taking the coconut meat and blending it until it is smooth & creamy. Something smooth is always best with a crunch texture and the dark chocolate shell was the perfect match to the mousse. With any coconut dessert, I think a citrus touch always seal the deal and the Pina Colada Cremeux and Pineapple Salsa was that deal breaker. The pineapple salsa was perfectly sweetened and had that citrus kick so just picture a scoop of it all its like fireworks for your tastebuds.

Black Forest Brownie

2nd week of July Sweet Tooth Dessert Subscription has been revealed. This Black Forest Brownie with Marscarpone Whipped Cream and Cherry Compote will make your brownie expectations shoot to the roof the next time you decide to have a brownie.

Chef Sabrina uses Cherry and Chocolate in many ways when it came to this dessert. These 2 ingredients played huge part within the texture, presentation and of course taste.

Chocolate played a huge part in texture for this dessert. This brownie was topped with Golden Chocolate Rings, Milk Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Crisp Pearls.

Cherries were the main character of this beauty.

The moist, chewy and triple chocolate brownie was baked with some dried sweet dark cherries which were soaked in Kirsch. Kirsch is a clear Brandy. This blend of cherry and chocolate allowed the brownie to not taste as sweet as your traditional brownie which was perfect for me. This brownie was perfectly baked to where you tasted the richness of chocolate but the sweetness from the cherry.

The Black Forest Brownie was topped with a fresh and crisp cherry which was just how I love my cherries. When I received my subscription not only did it have the brownie but a side of Cherry Compote was included as well. This compote was the perfect pair with the Brownie. The compote was made with fresh cherries cooked with a little sugar and Kirsch liquid which was used to infuse the dried cherries baked with brownies. Lastly, a squeeze of Lime Juice. So is this not a masterpiece of all angles.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Week 3 and I still can’t decide which one is my favorite yet, because I’m obsessed with every single one I’ve had.

Chef Sabrina took this cheesecake to a whole other level and made this little treat GAWWWWGEOUS.

This Passion Fruit Cheesecake was baked with Mango Compote on a Shortbread crust. It was then topped with Guava and Coconut Lime Coulis, Passion fruit chantily. For the final touches it was garnished with fresh Raspberries, Cilantro and Handcrafted White Chocolate leaves.

Does reading the description just make you drool because I was drooling just writing this caption, so imagine tasting it… 

Next subscription is the last treat of July so be sure to stay tuned.

Make sure to sign up below to stay up to date on weekly treats.

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