Top Eats

Ever had a craving but could never figure out who is the right one to satisfy it. Here are some of the Top eats and you’ll see why.

Dickey’s Barbeque

Their great for that odd day cravings or when your lazy and don’t want to do the grilling.

Candy Martini

📍Las Vegas – Located in the Line Promenade


📍Fort Lauderdale, FL


Just as good as Chic Fil A, don’t knock it until you try it. Plus, you can pick various options of the ck sandwich.

📍Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ritas Italian Ice & Frozen Custard

Mi Tea


Bite Size Cuterie

Custom Grazing/Charcuterie Boards for Gifts, Events and Catering

One of my favorite thing is that they know how to pair everything together just right for every bite.

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